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Caring For Your Plants

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Dianthus and Lavender plant care.

Plant Dianthus plants in Autumn or spring/ generally between 8 to 12 inches apart depending on the variety. .Pinks do not like to be planted too deep  add grit and a little added lime.
 They love the sun and need little water except in very dry conditions.
Cuttings can easily be rooted in sand.
Many varieties can be grown in pots and also companion planting with roses, lavender and peonies create that informal cottage garden look.




Both the flowers and leaves of Lavender are aromatic,ranging in colour from white pinks purples and blues, height from 1 ft to 3ft.
Lavenders grow best in a well drained alkaline soil. They love a sunny position.
plant in  Autumn or spring approx 12 to18ins apart depending on variety. Gently trim the plants after flowering /hard pruning in the spring time.
For drying purposes pick flowers when showing colour.
The French varieties are suitable for pots as they are less hardy.
Lavenders look fabulous in informal settings such as cottage gardens or equally so in a formal herb or knot garden